Herodotus – Ancient Greece Maps

Evening fellow speed-readers,

Click on the title for a link to a cool map I found. It is centered on Greece, and you can see up to Thrace and down as far as Rhodes. It is especially nice because of all the small cities (which really are important, as Mr. Schlect as made us aware) are written, such as Miletus, Halicarnassus, Naxos on the isle of Naxos, and some of my personal favorites such as Magnesia, Sigeum, Megara.

(Note: There are several maps to click on once you’ve reached the actually site, but the one I printed off was Ancient Greece 2)

After recitation this afternoon, our group had a huddle in the hall and made it a priority to pull out all the stops when we study, i.e., maps, outlines, memorizing names and details and geography.

Hope this helps the rest of y’all! Enjoy, and God bless your wearied eyes!

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