About Daniel Foucachon

I grew up in Lyon, France, a European hub of culture and the arts, still running on the fumes of Christendom. My father (Francis Foucachon) was a church planter and minister of the Gospel (PCA TE), and I grew up on the front lines of missionary work. Our family moved to Moscow, Idaho in 2005 when I started attending New Saint Andrews College. I graduated with a BA in Liberal Arts and Culture in 2010, and put that education to use in various media ventures and entrepreneurial endeavors.

In 2011 I founded Roman Roads Press with the desire to publish classical Christian curriculum that was designed with the 21st century learner and homeschooler in mind. Our flagship product is the four-year Old Western Culture great books curriculum, produced with Wes Callihan and several other classical educators.

In 2016 I founded Digressio Magazine, the magazine of Roman Roads Press, whose mission was to encourage parents and teachers as they educate their children. We since added a quarterly newspaper version of the magazine, Digressio Express, and a podcast.

In 2019 I founded Kepler Education, a consortium of independent educators and online platform with the goal of empowering families by liberating teachers.

All of these endeavors have one common goal: to equip parents to give their children a Christian, classical education. To “inherit the Humanities” for themselves and their children.

Above all these endeavors, the most important was founded on June 14th, 2008, when I married my wife Lydia. We have 7 children (four boys and three girls), and live on 5 acres north of Moscow, Idaho. That is where the really potent culture-shaping work is happening, as we raise these 7 eternal souls.

I’m grateful that God placed me in this tumultuous period of history. It’s an honor to preserve and build in the midst of destruction. May the Lord make me faithful and establish the feeble work of my hands.

“There is pleasure to be on board a ship battered by a storm, when we are certain that it will not perish: the persecutions buffeting the Church are of this kind.” – Blaise Pascal