Fellow (robe bearing) Sophomores,


In case you didn’t have pen and paper at Convocation, here are our assigments:

  • Theology: 1st 5 chapters of “From Post-Industrial to Post-modern Society. Due Thursday, the whole book is due Friday.
  • History: Herodotus: Introduction and Book I. Pay close attention to the interactions between Croesus, Solon, and Cyrus. And follow notes in the back of the book. Due Thursday.
  • Music: Complete Ch. 3 of the Chautman workbook. Read ch’s. 1-9 of Copelands’ book. Listen to part I of the Messiah. Due Monday. (And show up to Choir Wend.)
  • Latin: Read The Victory According to Mark, pg. 9-47. Traslate Mark 1. Due Thurs.


See you all in class!

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