Wow, the break’s finally here. The guys can’t wait to see how much stuffing they can eat and the girls… are just glad to be home.

What an awesome college! I know, some of you out there aren’t enjoying it quite so much, the workload is heavy, and the teachers don’t apologize either. Oh well. It’s a riot, IMHO. The perfect complementary education for a Classical Christian education, lots of solid teachers who know and love God and know what they’re talking about, and a lot of fun and laughter from all sides.
And yet… without break I think that much of the freshman class here at NSA would shrivel and die, one by one. Breaks were divinely ordained from the very first week, and so it’s great to see that pattern continued here. Work hard, then relax. And eat. Then work hard again. It’s like running laps – you sprint the first two laps, then jog the third, fourth, and fifth, and then start sprinting again for the last three. The bottle of gatorade you carry with you is Bucer’s and parties. And then after the final stretch, break comes. You stumble over to the sideline, catching your breath and regurgitating all the wisdom you inhaled while running around the academic track like a rabbit with a pencil in your ear.
So what’s the wisdom? Work hard… and then have fun. Without the work, you don’t deserve the fun. And without the fun, you die like a little rabbit with a heart attack.

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