Creation, Evolution, and Genesis

Greetings class!

I wanted to encourage you to take, or at least audit, Dr. Wilson’s Creation, Evolution, and Genesis elective! As Christians, we need to be equipped to interact with the  secular arguments aimed at destroying the basis for Christ’s authority: that He is Creator, and we are the Created.

We are blessed to have Dr. Wilson, who has not only learned all these issues in depth, but has much experience in actually debating the champions of Evolution.

So sign up for his class before it gets too full!

(remember, the class schedule has changed so that Dr. Wilson’s elective doesn’t conflict with other electives.)


This course surveys the watershed issues in the creation/evolution controversy. Students will learn important Wilson Gordon 2006 Resizedefinitions and make key distinctions to avoid misunderstandings and ill-informed straw-man arguments. They will also gain a basic understanding of the following topics: creation according to scripture, science and its limitations, origins according to secular man, irreducible complexities, created kinds and the natural limits  to biological change, the fossil record and the age of the earth. The students will be reminded how to properly wield this knowledge rhetorically with those who differ, believers and unbelievers alike, so that if it is possible, as far as it depends on you, live at peace with everyone (Rom. 12:18).