Anderson Family Construction

I wrote the following review of Anderson Family Construction for Houzz.

Anderson Family Construction built our home on acreage near Moscow, Idaho in 2018, and we are absolutely thrilled! We have a growing family, and really wanted a place that would incorporate a lot of very busy life. They modified the design to fit our family, incorporating some special features that were specific to us, including a foundation stone that has sentimental value to us, a butcher-block counter that used to be part of our family restaurant, and gorgeous built-in floor-to-ceiling bookcases in the large study, as I often work from home and own several thousand books.

I was warned several times by friends who had built their homes that “building your own home is very stressful.” The building process was the one element of this whole move that really wasn’t stressful to us, and I think that is because of a very key ingredient that is somewhat rare in the homebuilding and construction industry: trust. It’s not that there were zero bumps (though there were very few), but we had full confidence that AFC was made up of owners and employees of integrity. We had much of this confidence going in because we knew several of the crew, and they did not disappoint. The builders (from the earth movers, to the framers, to the drywallers, to the woodworkers) had obvious pride in a job well done. We weren’t dealing with time-punchers, but a guild of craftsmen who delighted in solving problems and making beautiful results.

AFC kept to the budget, did most of the build in 4 months, and most of all gave us a very high-quality, high-efficiency, cozy, elegant home.

We like to say it is a “new home with an old soul,” combining 21st-century latest in building technology with a classic, “farmhouse” design we love so much. The foundation was poured using the innovative FoxBlocks, and the siding is LP Smartside. Combined with the high efficiency 33 SEER Mitsubishi HVAC for our heating and cooling, we have an energy efficient home with very reasonable utility bills as a result (tracked with Sense and SensorPush).

I highly recommend AFC for any construction or remodel work, but particularly recommend their semi-custom, affordable yet gorgeous, high-quality home building.

I would happily give more details about our home and build process to anyone interested in using AFC – contact me through #AFCBuilt

See more photos, including photos and videos of construction, as well the incredible view, at Foucachon Farmhouse facebook page.

A few construction videos:

Snow, snow, snow!

I have thoroughly enjoyed our snowfall these last few weeks! Thanks to the drone, in spite of battling a bad chest cold this last week I was able to enjoy the outdoors, flying from inside the house, and getting photos from all around the property. I’ve been posting regularly on the Foucachon Farmhouse FB Page and my Instagram. Enjoy some of the highlight videos below! Subscribe to our YouTube Channel here

This wide-screen 4k video is worth watching in full screen!

Foucachon Farmhouse

We’re building a house!

Last year we sold our home in Moscow and moved into a rental. It was kind of a crazy move, but we wanted to take advantage of the very hot seller’s market in Moscow. The house sold fast ‚ÄĒ big thanks to Mike Church at Kestral Realty Group for helping us! After almost ten months of waiting on financing details, digging a well on our land, and tweaking plans designed by the AFC team,¬†Anderson Family Construction¬†finally started building our home in March!

I’ve been very busy with my work at¬†Roman Roads during this whole time. Lydia has been an incredible woman, and the very incarnation of Proverbs 31, not only working part-time¬†in Customer Support for Roman Roads while homeschooling four children at home, but also overseeing so many of the logistics of selling, setting up home in a rental, and now preparing to move a third time in 12 months. In a very literal way, this would have been completely impossible without her!

I plan to write and post more about the house but have limited time right now. This is the high selling and conference season for Roman Roads, on top of the normal production and publishing tasks, and we are publishing new curriculum at breakneck speed. This has certainly been an exciting year!

I’m using the ease of snap-n-upload that Facebook offers, posting a decent amount “in real time” to the Foucachon Farmhouse Facebook page. So, if you’re interested in following our build which is advancing VERY fast, follow us there!

First floor walls up!

I’ll post a few images and videos below, but I want¬†to give a shout-out to Daniel and Austin Anderson and their team at Anderson Family Construction. From initial idea, to design, to execution, they have been amazing to work with. Our home is designed in such a way that we can maximize square footage within our budget while allowing for future expansion (like a garage), and the proportions of each room are beautiful, symmetrical, and classic. We are calling this “Foucachon Farmhouse” because the design‚Äďwhile incorporating some modern aspects‚Äďis based on a traditional farmhouse design, which we love. It will beautifully¬†suit the scene upon which it is built, nestled between two creeks, with view on the rolling fields of the Palouse. This home is an incredible blessing to us as our family grows, and we’ve always wanted to live on land. I’ve owned this land for a little over nine¬†years, when I bought it from my father as “ag land” for very little. The zoning change was an answered prayer, allowing us to build, as well as giving us downpayment in the form of (greatly increased) land value. I proposed to Lydia on this land with a ring and a 400lb Cornerstone upon which was inscribed, “The Cornerstone of the future home of Daniel and Lydia Foucachon.” Ten years later, that cornerstone is fitted into the corner of our new home!

Except the Lord build the house,
labour in vain that build it:
except the Lord keep the city,
the watchman waketh but in vain.
Psalm 127